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How To Book Jio Free phone

{Jio Phone Features} Know about JIO phone Specification, Pre-booking of Jio phone

Every person talk about JIO phone from Friday. Every one want to more about Jio Phone.  Here we provide info about Jio Phone, How to Book Jio Phone, Jio Phone Specification etc. This info provide by officials.

500 MB 4G DATA per day

Jio Phone users will get 500 mb data in Jio Plan (153) after that Users get Data from 128Kbps. You thinks  It is not sufficient but you are wrong. Because the size of Jio Phone’s Screen is 2.4 inch and it is QVGA (quarter VGA) Screen. So Streaming size of video  in Jio phone will be small so for that you will use small bandwidth.  So in Jio Phone data consume less than other Smartphone.

HotSpot is available or not?

Hotspot will be available in Jio phone which is based on Qualcomm. But This Hot Spot will lock on initially stage. After some time Jio may be unlocked. You can not use it instantly.
What Is Jio TV Cable?
You need to purchase a hardware  for Jio TV Cable. You can connect Jio phone to TV from Jio TV Cable. You also need to recharge 309 Rs for use this features. After that you can watch Video, Movies for 3-4 hours.

Operating System in Jio Phone

KAI OS used in JIO phone which is basically based on Firefox. Before that Kai used in some phone.  Jio phone will come with many model. You can get some difference in these model related to Camera, Battery, Design etc
Jio Phone will not support whatsapp. Bur after some time may be it’s used in JIO Phone. Now you can access Facbook app, Youtube in Jio phone. You can also access Jio Tv, Jio Cinema, JIO Music etc.
Will Jio Phone Free?
Jio Phone lounched on free of cost. But you need to deposit 1500rs as security for three years you will get it back.

How to Book Jio Phone?

The Booking process of Jio Phone started on official website of Jio which is When you opened Jio website, you will get Jio Phone Link. Here you can click on Keep Me Posted.
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