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Jio Phone Booking Started on Digital store/Shop/Center, Required Documents

Jio Phone offline or online booking will officially start from 24 August but some retailers in Delhi-NCR has started taking pre-orders for Book Jio Phone. It means you have a great opportunity for book your Jio Phone. Million of people will be in queue from 24 August. If you want to book jio phone its golden time for you.We get the offline booking process from jio Retailer. Here we provide document details which required you fro book jio phone. Remember that you need to deposit 1500 RS. ( refundable after 3 years) at the time of taking Jio Phone. Book Jio Phone Online through official website
To Book Jio Phone , You need to submit a copy of your Aadhar Card with authorized Jio Dealer/ Retailer. Or you can visit Relience jio Outlet. As per rule you can get 1 Jio Phone through 1 Aadhar card. When you submit your aadhar card on Jio Outlet it will be uploaded in to centralized software which generate your token number. So don’t be over smart to book multipal Jio Phone

Jio Phone Delivery Date

The Jio Phone Will be delivered for those who book Jio phone right now will be between 1 September to 4 September. This Delivery Date is expected if pre-order numbers will increase it may be delay some time.

Follow these steps to book Jio Phone offline via Jio Store

1.    Visit the nearest Reliance Jio store or Jio Center .
2.    Show them your Aadhaar card.
3.    You can only book 1 Jio phone per Aadhaar card.
4.    If you’re a company, you can make multiple bookings by providing your PAN or GSTN number.
5.    There are no charges to book a Jio Phone.
6.    You only need to pay for the phone at the time of delivery
Jio Phone Store Details in Delhi-NCR
To get the JioPhone earliest, you need to Pre-book it Online or Offline. JioPhone Pre-booking starts on 24th August 2017. So on 24th September, you can do Jio Phone Booking Online or Jio Phone Buy Online. Once you Pre-book JioPhone, you will get access to it in September 2017.
JioPhone effective Price will be Rs 0. And as it is free, there are chances that people misuse it by ordering more than one phone for them. So for security reasons, all those who are willing to Buy Free Jio Phone need to make a security deposit of Rs 1,500 when buying Jio Phone and this Deposit is 100% refundable after using JioPhone for 3 years. Means you can get back Rs 1,500 after 3 years by returning used JioPhone.
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